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  • 12/12/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • Watch the official trailer for starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, and Oscar Isaac. In theatres 2.23.18.

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    Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac. It was written and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later).
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टिप्पणियाँ • 12 591

  • Samuel Nowlin
    Samuel Nowlin 3 साल पहले +6882

    This movie is one of those films that are so beautiful and disturbing, but you walk out of it saying “What the hell just happened”

    • Arsalam Habibi
      Arsalam Habibi 5 दिन पहले

      Can you example of beautiful part?

    • Dormiyu
      Dormiyu महीने पहले

      read the book!
      you'll never sleep again.

    • C Money
      C Money महीने पहले

      I saw it at the theatre and some parts made me genuinely uncomfortable. It wasn’t too violent or gorey, just hard hard to explain. All I know is I couldn’t stop thinking about it and watched it over and over.

    • AW
      AW 2 महीने पहले

      @SAURABH CHHAJLANI yeah i think the ending was meeeeeeeeeeh but overall kind of good light movie, the idea was good but kind of weird that the alien can refract DNA and environment and all without any tech they bring just themself which can copied anything, umm ook

    • Waclaw Kusnierczyk
      Waclaw Kusnierczyk 4 महीने पहले

      yeah, like why the fuck did i not drop after the first 5 minutes.

  • Rix Morales
    Rix Morales 2 साल पहले +901

    The musical score to this movie is a feat of genius. It really defined what cosmic horror is. Scared the bejesus out of me

    • Greg Lowe
      Greg Lowe 25 दिन पहले +1

      The sound design/sound score (I refuse to call that "music" in the final act since it sent me sideways and bothers me deeply) is equally horrific and a thing of beauty. I can't stop hearing it after finally seeing this film this weekend. What a master class in sound and cinematic contrast.

    • Texas Red
      Texas Red 3 महीने पहले +1

      @K B commonly used by the inhabitants of Appalachia, not surprisingly as the majority were Scots Irish. Still in use by their descendants though said descendants are probably your Granny's age. Postwar mobility and mass media led to a more homogenized culture so the old regional idiom has mostly faded out.

    • Derek Staroba
      Derek Staroba 3 महीने पहले +1

      @K B there is also jebus. jebus was the old Phillistine name for Jerusalem
      Edit: jebusite not phillistine.

    • K B
      K B 4 महीने पहले +4

      @Texas Red I never knew bejesus was used outside of Ireland

  • Margaret Mckenzie
    Margaret Mckenzie 3 साल पहले +3610

    I know it's on Netflix but they should have released it in cinemas worldwide. Annihilation was made for cinema.

    • Liam Ross
      Liam Ross महीने पहले

      it was meant to it just got screwed over in production

    • Gilberto
      Gilberto 5 महीने पहले

      I saw this in the theatre and I gotta say it was definitely worth watching there. The music and the effects were definitely top notch

    • Jay Taylor
      Jay Taylor 6 महीने पहले

      @Conflict Magazine 22 times? You watched the same movie 22 times in the last 4 years? I never realized people kept track of how many times they watch a movie.

  • stubones
    stubones 3 साल पहले +970

    I literally just finished watching this film. Absolutely breath taking. Blew my mind.

    • M P
      M P 24 दिन पहले

      I'm reading the book now -- it's really good!

    • masteriansun
      masteriansun 26 दिन पहले

      Grew on me after a few watches

    • Oh No No
      Oh No No साल पहले

      It was so fucking bad

    • Reviews e Depoimentos
      Reviews e Depoimentos 2 साल पहले

      3w ewrfar 3wear3r werae

  • Motel Rx
    Motel Rx 3 साल पहले +3041

    I sometimes wonder, out of all the endless apocalyptic scenarios predicted for our extinction, that the actuality of our doom will be beyond anything we’ve ever imagined.

    • God Unleashed 3ther
      God Unleashed 3ther 2 महीने पहले

      @Motel Rx 2yrs later and look at us now. You may be on to something there fellow being

    • destined tobe
      destined tobe 2 महीने पहले

      Thats some deep shit bro

    • Foff Jerkholes
      Foff Jerkholes 3 महीने पहले

      If you saw the movie or read the books, its not an apocalyptic story at all. Strange, but not apocalyptic. What I find scarier is what he writes in the books, which are five or six years old, talk about America today as if the man had a time machine. THAT is what really messes with me. A broken on the verge of civil war America dealing with White Nationalists and a public that is getting used to hotter temperatures, ecological disasters and the daily risk of whether they are going to be caught in a mass shooting. This just being the background world if you pay attention. Its scary.

    • Meme Network
      Meme Network 4 महीने पहले

      We will create our doom one day thats the turth

    • SevDev
      SevDev 4 महीने पहले

      @K B Well, it has been a while since that comment (2y). Didn't even know what you were referring to. No I meant fungi, but this was just an example. I saw in a documentary about an astroid impact that fungi would still grow in the dark and on all the dead wood, so survivors might still have food.

  • The Monkey God Goku
    The Monkey God Goku साल पहले +85

    This film was on my watchlist for quite sometime, and it left me speechless after watching it. This is incredible and beautiful, left me speechless. I like films that are straight to the point, but these kinds of films that will leave you wondering and thinking, are my favorite ones. This is already one of my favorite films of its decade.

  • Black Hills Birder
    Black Hills Birder 3 साल पहले +24

    Every time I saw this trailer in the theater the shimmer would make my heart pound. Incredible concept, awesome movie. Last movie I've felt legitimately excited for in a while

  • Visuwyg
    Visuwyg 3 साल पहले +1903

    This was literally a mini version of the complete movie, in order. Trailers these days...

    • TheColorsOfLovee
      TheColorsOfLovee साल पहले

      1000 liker

    • Cindy Watkins
      Cindy Watkins साल पहले

      Yeah I agree and try not to watch ahead of time. I saw the movie and now the trailer. Gives away too much. Why do we have viruses? I don't know. Why are we here? I don't know. Basically that's the answer to my life. Why is there an earth?

    • Fabricio JiuJitsu
      Fabricio JiuJitsu साल पहले +1

      - why there is so girls in the rescue team?

    • Aye Co Breeze
      Aye Co Breeze 2 साल पहले +2

      Sometimes watching a movie is just as sweet as drinking a coke. You know what you expect. But after popping it? And sipping it for the first time is a high you never would have expected.

    • Aye Co Breeze
      Aye Co Breeze 2 साल पहले

      Have you ever had Coca Cola?

  • Anirudh Arun
    Anirudh Arun साल पहले +14

    Loved this movie so much! It's one of those rare sci fi movies that really challenge you in an intoxicating way. Utterly breathtaking work by Alex Garland. This movie is going to be talked about a lot in the future!

  • Saman Ejaz
    Saman Ejaz महीने पहले +3

    One of my favourites. Everything was just so beautiful and at the same time hilarious. Would love to watch more such contents.

  • DivineBabe LawofAttractionAlchemist
    DivineBabe LawofAttractionAlchemist 3 साल पहले +10

    This is an incredible film. And the weird thing is - it *feels* like the Universe. In the way mother! felt like Nature’s scream, Annihilation feels like something deeper, darker and more dangerous than we can perceive; it feels like a dance, like a liberation, like a fever dream. It feels like a rebirth.

  • 《LN 》
    《LN 》 7 महीने पहले +6

    The world this film creates is both beautiful and full of wonder, yet accompanied by danger and horror. Truly an amazing film. I was on edge for most of it and I'd definitely recommend. Nothing about the ending could be expected.

    • JNR
      JNR महीने पहले

      Read the books!!!

  • Gopakumar.M
    Gopakumar.M साल पहले +21

    The concept was beautiful. Change is the new key, maybe for the world. Evolve!! Screenplay was nice and kudos to the VFX team. The part where they show the two decorated mutant deers, their horns covered with flowers and one was having this floral print on it's body - I got overwhelmed during the scene. The concept of gene pool and thinking of a gene which creates a physical human appearance and growing a tree in form or human shape was amazing. And Josie turning herself into a treewas very emotional and beautiful. It's like she found her Nirvana. Rest you guys watch the movie!)

  • Blair
    Blair 4 साल पहले +201

    Loved every bit of this movie. No corny jump scares, just pure eerie and suspenseful fun

  • alb0403
    alb0403 9 महीने पहले +8

    One of the greatest science fiction movies to come out of the last decade

  • informedcarpet
    informedcarpet 7 महीने पहले +14

    One of the greatest Sci-Fi films ever made.

  • Jim the Cat
    Jim the Cat 3 साल पहले +67

    I just watched this movie yesterday for the first time and OMG is was sooooo good! So damn good! It was mysterious, creepy, terrifying and yet absolutely beautiful! A true SciFi masterpiece!

    • Greg Lowe
      Greg Lowe 25 दिन पहले

      @Patrick - "astral projection gone wrong" just won the Internet. Such a perfect description!!!!

    • BigManRobert
      BigManRobert 2 साल पहले +3

      Patrick the maker of this movie also made ex machina another amazing movie like this one

    • Patrick
      Patrick 3 साल पहले +5

      In my opinion it wasn’t good or bad. It was just so real and crazy, it didn’t even feel like a movie, it was like a dream or an astral projection gone wrong lol. Movies like these I don’t think you can rate or anything, because they are just so real and unique

  • SauDude
    SauDude 5 महीने पहले +6

    this movie was a masterpiece, it restored my faith in modern cinema
    whoever wrote and directed that movie, all the best to you

  • Anthina Lewis
    Anthina Lewis 4 साल पहले +3534

    The shimmer is basically like a sci-fi version of target. You go in for what feels like a few minutes but it’s hours and when you finally make it out you’re not sure of what happened or what you actually bought.

    • HartSickle
      HartSickle 2 महीने पहले

      Ikea fits it even better

    • AW
      AW 2 महीने पहले

      lol yeah true its like wtf did i just buy

    • Ratul Sen
      Ratul Sen 5 महीने पहले

      My God. Your sense of humour is inhuman! Respect!!

    • MawInstallation
      MawInstallation 11 महीने पहले +1


    • Excelling DEICIDE
      Excelling DEICIDE साल पहले +1

      From 0:17 to 0:35 what is the name of the song or background music?

  • ThelivingJim
    ThelivingJim 3 साल पहले +599

    This movie has been one of the best sci-fi movies I have watched

    • Isvi Lain
      Isvi Lain 3 साल पहले


    • LeBraun
      LeBraun 3 साल पहले +2

      @Jay Jay Thank you for reminding me to watch moon! What a great movie

  • Vivek
    Vivek साल पहले +16

    It was freaking awesome. Best thriller mystery and sci-fi movie.

  • Rokaz
    Rokaz 2 साल पहले +8

    I absolutely loved this movie, it went from beautiful to terrifying to wtf

  • Joe Steers
    Joe Steers 5 महीने पहले +2

    Such a cool film! Really worth the watch! The bear made my skin crawl, true horror.

  • Spagootr
    Spagootr 2 साल पहले +2

    This movie is amazing. It is the only movie I have ever watched that has made me physically shiver from remembering a specific scene. After seeing it, that noise at 0:54 terrifies me.

  • T DB
    T DB 2 साल पहले +1

    I don't think the movie was that disturbing, it was beautiful and meaningful. Loved it.

  • LianaEmily
    LianaEmily 2 साल पहले +6

    this movie is so trippy yet beautiful. I really don't understand how some people don't like it. It's so unique, the environment of the movie and the plot is just so amazing yet disturbing at the same time. this movie is definitely a favorite of mine.

  • S.A.L
    S.A.L साल पहले +2

    I loved this movie so much. Great visuals and music.

  • Maya Torres
    Maya Torres 4 साल पहले +2084

    This was one of the most captivating interesting and disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. By far one of my favorites

    • Amir Klapuh
      Amir Klapuh 3 साल पहले

      @Hax HD im also a bit of angry because this movie makes no sense you would think that if the earth is in danger you would send special forces not a retired soldier who dosnt follow oders and is mentally unstable, also throughout the trailer i can see several rookie mistakes they do like nor searching the house wasting ammo not killing when they have the opportunity to so it there mentality was also not that good to me they seem like recruits mot veterans also they could make the movie better if they sent out the secret force like delta on what we know shit about they should be the best of the best if they want girls to be on the movie then just add 3 in the squad not all of them because thats definitely not realistic.

    • Muskan Dua
      Muskan Dua 3 साल पहले

      @Fire fromfire same thing bro

    • sophia
      sophia 3 साल पहले +1

      Read the book

    • Jeff Xin
      Jeff Xin 3 साल पहले

      Maya Trez the movie was confusing as fuck and the movie was average nothing special

      WOABEATZ 3 साल पहले

      Watch after life....

  • shubham gawade
    shubham gawade साल पहले +1

    It is different...
    But can't say tht it is masterpiece..
    Acting 85%
    Storyline 83%
    Concept 95%
    Climax 89%
    Overall 86%
    Dont judge this movie until watching its climax... different kind a movie.. you can watch if you like slow pace, silent, new conceptual movies...
    Brilliantly designed

  • Kainlarsen
    Kainlarsen 2 साल पहले +1

    This is a great movie, and should have received more attention than it did

  • Robert Trezona
    Robert Trezona 3 साल पहले +1

    Weirdest amazing movie! Loved it! Cross breeding species, the sounds, extremely bizarre and interesting movie! The actress that had the calm voice was a trip!

  • nick
    nick 2 साल पहले

    Movie was a 10/10 in my book definitely a memorable experience watching it

  • Max Joseph
    Max Joseph 4 साल पहले +75

    Honestly people, if you haven't seen this yet, GO see it. It's one of the greatest films I've ever seen, and I've been thinking about it's nuanced and clever design for weeks. So well done. The perfect blend between realism and sci-fi ambiguity.

    • AtomicEy
      AtomicEy महीने पहले

      Currently free on INclips (hints why I'm here)

  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 3 साल पहले +1

    I think this is what a good sci fi movie should do, keep us guessing and opening our minds to possibility of anything.

  • Ворон Маусы
    Ворон Маусы 2 साल पहले

    *Loved it, especially the ending !*

  • Madeleine Shaw
    Madeleine Shaw 9 महीने पहले +4

    So beautifully done and so unique and fascinating, I bought it and have seen it about 6 times so far. Just extraordinary.

  • Turtleproof
    Turtleproof 3 साल पहले +5

    Watched this for the first time two days ago, I'm a volunteer medic and psychology major-- seem some stuff-- and I'm still in shambles, damn. Hell of a film.

  • cannibalbananas
    cannibalbananas 4 महीने पहले +1

    Amazing movie! And I like that it was carried by a mostly female cast.

  • Kształt Chmur
    Kształt Chmur 2 साल पहले +4

    One of the most underrated movies of 2018... I wish it did hit the wider audience...

  • Nodarisan
    Nodarisan साल पहले

    One of the best Sci-Fi Movie I ever watched.... Absolutely Beautiful start to finish

  • Tabitha Small
    Tabitha Small 5 महीने पहले +29

    1.Hermosa eleccion Kissss.Uno de mejor ❤️
    2. elecciones 9.5/10
    3. culturales )l 9.3/10
    ''Son unos de los mejores conciertos''.

  • Serina Dean
    Serina Dean 4 साल पहले +23

    This movie was such a good execution of sci fi. I'm so surprised to see all the negative feedback. This was amazing! Also, Gina KILLED IT in that role. I had chills.

  • DivineTarot
    DivineTarot 10 महीने पहले

    Quite honestly, this movie had me sitting on the edge of my seat. It was a crazy mind movie, that's all I can say!

  • Kihsuok Adwog
    Kihsuok Adwog साल पहले +1

    The bear that made me shit in my pants... Even now if i hear a scream i feel this shivers in my spine... This movie is beyond creative it's a true masterpiece.

    Dean : RUTHLESS RECORDS साल पहले +1

    This movie is/was so amazing.
    Watched it again this weekend again.
    Came to the above conclusion.
    Bought it off Amazon today so I’ll have a copy forever.

  • Conflict Magazine
    Conflict Magazine 2 साल पहले +1

    Excellent SF film (best of the decade so far). If you like films like Moon, Arrival, Primer, Upstream Color, Solaris, Stalker, etc and the works of HP Lovecraft you will very likely love this film.
    Film has no agenda or platform (so no GhostBusters mess). Anyone who says otherwise is lying or hasn't actually seen the film.

  • Signal6000
    Signal6000 4 साल पहले +269

    This film is so well made and directed. All editing, music, acting eveything done in a perfect way . Really loved it. It was not a low budget movie. It was deep.

    • Jared B
      Jared B 4 साल पहले +5

      @Phvntom lol, drugs did make this movie really cool to watch, actually.

    • Jared B
      Jared B 4 साल पहले +3

      Great movie, will definitely be one of my favorites. But the acting wasn't perfect--by anyone except Oscar Isaacs. The acting was mostly excellent, but not perfect. Can't iterate enough, great film.

  • Randy Moore
    Randy Moore साल पहले +2

    Besides the slow slow slooooowwww burn opening and some frustrating female emotions/freakouts/interactions this is one of my favorite movies.. an adventure into the new and unexpected, a mystery around every corner. Gorgeous production design and cinematography. The bear scene... Beautifully constructed metaphors, satisfying ending that suggests the shimmer will start again.. love it!

    EE NO TA NA 11 दिन पहले +1

    I'm so happy to have seen this without any prior knowledge. Never heard of it, never saw the trailer. Out of nowhere it was recommended to me here on INclips.. (Free to watch BTW).. What an absolutely beautiful piece of art.

    • Bexigah Music Web
      Bexigah Music Web 10 दिन पहले +1

      This movie is so mind blowing! Can't define what I saw, but it's true scary

  • Icsis Brockman
    Icsis Brockman 10 महीने पहले +2

    I loved this movie, now I'm looking for something just as cool

  • Bloody Burners
    Bloody Burners 4 महीने पहले +1

    Been meaning to watch this movie for about 2 years now, finally finished it today & I loved it.

    • JNR
      JNR महीने पहले

      Read the books!

  • Lucy James
    Lucy James 2 साल पहले

    This is one of the best Sci fi movies i've ever watched. I highly recommend this to everyone

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 2 साल पहले +4

    Loved the look of the film. It was like a Skittles commercial, except that everything wants to kill you or merge with you.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 2 साल पहले +9

    Give this one a chance if you haven't already. It's really good. The trailer reveals a little bit but definitely not everything.

  • Silence of Solis
    Silence of Solis 2 साल पहले +4

    Loved it, but wish they explored all the creatures and plants more! I love the creatures!

  • Bashful Michael
    Bashful Michael 4 साल पहले +706

    I love the atmosphere this trailer creates and I can't wait to see this movie. I was already sold because it's the same director who directed Ex Machina. Loved that movie and I hope this one is just as good or better.

    • CerpinTxt87
      CerpinTxt87 8 महीने पहले

      The trailer sort of ruins the atmosphere. It just takes the action parts and stitches them all together so that Average Movie-Goer gets hyped. Problem is that Average Movie-Goer will then be disappointed when the actual movie is more slow-paced and thoughtful.

    • CD_FIRST
      CD_FIRST 4 साल पहले +1

      Simon James Yeah Ex- Machina was, so freaking good, so I'm hooked lolz

    • panatha tube
      panatha tube 4 साल पहले

      Looks like the mission is female exclusive.

  • Diya Davis
    Diya Davis 2 साल पहले


  • Amelia Crasman
    Amelia Crasman 3 साल पहले +16

    This movie was absolutely beautiful.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 11 महीने पहले +3

    This movie is a masterpiece

  • pool cars
    pool cars साल पहले +1

    I don't know about the movie but the score is just ...damn good!!

  • Mashee !
    Mashee ! 4 साल पहले +22

    If you saw the movie knowing nothing .. All I can say is that the score of the movie was so amazing it had me at chills at the last 20 mins

  • Marte W
    Marte W 3 साल पहले +4

    Wow. The strangest, yet most captivating and facinating movie I've seen in a long time. Just watched it.. Feels like the weirdest dream ever.

  • WillBrink
    WillBrink 3 साल पहले

    I was not expecting much from this one, buy someone recommend it, so checked it out. Glad I did. This movie really gets under your skin, bordering on SF horror and is quite graphic in spots, hence the R rating. It's generally well constructed, and visually impressive. A few spots require a solid suspension of disbelief, but all in all, delivers where it needs to. They hint at the significance of the all female team, but don't really spell it out. I'm told the book did a better job of that aspect. It's far from a perfect movie, but it works overall and is genuinely creepy in spots. B+

    • WillBrink
      WillBrink 3 साल पहले

      @Conflict Magazine "So your criteria is just based solely on your opinion" that's the nature of movie reviews, hence why one reviewer can love a movie while an other hates it. Lots of little details I outlined that kept it from being a great movie for me. You seem to think it's the greatest movie ever made. I don't, and many others didn't. Deal with it. Good luck.

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले

      So your criteria is just based solely on your opinion and has nothing to do with the actual film. That's fine, but when you take down one film over alleged 'technicalities' yet give a pass to another with technical issues then your system makes no sense.
      Annihilation is a far more more technically correct film than Blade Runner so this is one you might want to chew on.
      Blade Runner may well be the most important film of the 20th century...and Annihilation may just be the same for the 21st...

    • WillBrink
      WillBrink 3 साल पहले

      @Conflict Magazine " have to admit that Blade Runner must have been an F film for you until the Final Cut which might have bumped it up to a D going by the granular level that you dissect a film with." makes no sense considering prior comments. I saw BL when it came out in theaters, and it was A+ and A+ now and sets the standard by which all others of the genre must be judged. Again, B+ rating for me = very good film.

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले

      We can do this all day but the internal logic of the film works and that is how I judge a movie. It has to live up to its intentions.
      I have to admit that Blade Runner must have been an F film for you until the Final Cut which might have bumped it up to a D going by the granular level that you dissect a film with. And you rank that film as a 'classic' (which it is, just not by your criteria that I have seen today).
      Most of the 'why' questions in these comments resolve themselves because once you cross the threshold into The Shimmer the rules of the outside world go right out the window including Space-Time. You can list, as others have, millions of things but it comes back to being in The Shimmer is entering an alien world with its own rules (just like the 'bruise' turns into an ouroboros, so that means the alien is capable of manipulating human flesh at that point).
      And the best part is how much of what you are seeing is actually real? The alien transforms living things and can manipulate DNA so how much is actually happening and how much is hallucination?
      After 200+ viewings I will leave you to decide whether the film is worth exploring further but I can say that one pass through the film yields a very good film but multiple times (I did the first 22 in theater) reveals answers to questions that many people haven't even asked.
      I'll leave it there...
      (EDIT: The notion of Space-Time being disrupted is literally in the first 2 minutes of the film).

  • Ellie MM
    Ellie MM 2 साल पहले

    10/10 Oh yeah!!
    This movie it a got to see. The idea around it and the way it's performed. Wonderful.
    Creepy and beautiful. That's a hard one to put together.

  • أبوالفضل محمد
    أبوالفضل محمد 2 साल पहले +576

    nothing scared me ever in movies more than that bear scene

    • Reynato Mara-asin
      Reynato Mara-asin साल पहले

      "helppp mee....."

    • Ariess
      Ariess साल पहले

      @أبوالفضل محمد agreed

    • أبوالفضل محمد
      أبوالفضل محمد साल पहले +1

      @Kisses -A بس حتكملين الفلم وانتي مصدومة من الي شفتيه وتگولين شنو الي صار بالضبط؟ 😟😹 بس اني جداً احبة الفلم

    • Kisses -A
      Kisses -A साल पहले +3

      يعني تنصحني اني أحضره؟🌚

    • أبوالفضل محمد
      أبوالفضل محمد साल पहले +4

      @Harry Mack it’s kinda disgusting and creepy but not that scary

  • kekemc
    kekemc 4 साल पहले +83

    I’ve always liked Natalie Portman’s voice. It can be really sweet sounding but also very serious while slightly intimidating.

    • Amy A.
      Amy A. 4 साल पहले


    • Jasmine Williams
      Jasmine Williams 4 साल पहले +3

      Yaaaas. It is so unique and distinct yet somehow having great range.

  • Shauna Clancy
    Shauna Clancy 26 दिन पहले +1

    That’s scene with the bear in the house was the most interesting yet terrifying scene ever

  • 13thmistral
    13thmistral 3 साल पहले +5

    This movie proves cosmic horror can be done in movies just requires more dedication.

  • ImMoral *
    ImMoral * 3 साल पहले +21

    I was looking for the trailer for DOOM annihilation as I was told it looks like shit, and was curious to see if they were right. Now, I'm definitely gonna watch this film, looks amazing.
    And yes, doom annihilation does look like horseshit.

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले +1

      If you like films like Stalker, Solaris, Moon, Primer, Arrival, Upstream Color, etc. then you'll probably like this one.

    • Charles M
      Charles M 3 साल पहले +1

      Same thing happened to me :/

  • Ella Elliott
    Ella Elliott 2 साल पहले +3

    the animal that stole the voices of its victims creepy. Incredible film

  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 4 साल पहले +32

    I don't know about the plot, but looks pretty aesthetically pleasing with the soap bubble looking thing and intellectually appealing with mutant crossbreeds rather than completely made up creatures. There's something pretty interesting about seeing a sci-fi world from a biologist's perspective. And an all women's team it looks like? Sweet

    • b h q
      b h q 4 साल पहले +9

      You should read the book

  • Audrey Selking
    Audrey Selking 4 महीने पहले

    One of my favorites. This movie has permanently moved into my brain

  • Andrea Hutton
    Andrea Hutton 2 साल पहले +1

    this movie was amazing 10/10

  • LetoAtreides82
    LetoAtreides82 10 महीने पहले +2

    The soundtrack is amazing!

  • N R
    N R 11 महीने पहले +3

    I love this movie, but it just goes to show how misleading a trailer can be. And how it can set up certain expectations that the movie was not made to fulfill. They basically show you every moment of tension and excitement and ignore the complexity and depth of the film itself.

  • krissy x
    krissy x 2 साल पहले +1

    I just watched this and wow.. that was weird, beautiful, scary, wonderful and I dont know weird. one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Makes you feel like what the hell just happened after I watched it.

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 2 साल पहले

      #2 - Alien
      #1 - Blade Runner
      And I watch a wide variety as well...I base the rankings on how many times I have seen the film. This one is over 200, Alien somewhere around 400-500 and Blade Runner is the king at over 1,000 (I stopped counting at 1,000).(-:

    • Xx_§ummer_xX
      Xx_§ummer_xX 2 साल पहले

      @Conflict Magazine what's your top 2?

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 2 साल पहले

      Number 3 on my Top 10 Of All Time.

    • Xx_§ummer_xX
      Xx_§ummer_xX 2 साल पहले

      Indeed. One of the best films ive seen in my lifetime... And I watch "a lot" of movies of all different genres

  • tinferl
    tinferl 3 साल पहले +1

    Loved this movie.

    mR IRFAN KHAN साल पहले +2

    The ending is totally insane

  • Marco Manuel
    Marco Manuel 3 साल पहले +2

    what a powerful movie.. im speechless

  • RagnaPork
    RagnaPork 2 साल पहले +1

    Just saw this one last night. It has to be one of the best sci-fi movies in the last decade. Annihilation is a great example for a brilliant movie led by an all female cast, unlike some of the turds we have seen in recent memory (Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, etc). Too bad this was a Netflix exclusive, this is one movie made for the big screens!

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 2 साल पहले +1

      I got to see it in theater multiple times. It was great on the big screen. I hope at some point it gets a re-release so others can see it in theater too.

  • CaptnButtonSmash
    CaptnButtonSmash 2 साल पहले +1

    Never heard of it, but it was amazing. One of the best "realistical" sci-fi movies , I'd say.

  • Jose Bronc
    Jose Bronc 3 साल पहले +1

    Great movie, 5 stars!

  • Kellyann Noble
    Kellyann Noble 2 साल पहले +3

    Best movie I have watched in a long time 🤟👌

  • Anastasia Cross
    Anastasia Cross 2 साल पहले

    I just found out about this movie, I have got to see this. This looks amazing!!

  • Phatt Hohoho
    Phatt Hohoho 2 साल पहले +208

    Last 30 mins of the movie is like you’re on acid...boom boom boom 😂🤯

    • Phatt Hohoho
      Phatt Hohoho 2 साल पहले

      titlewave wow awesome

    • Phatt Hohoho
      Phatt Hohoho 2 साल पहले +1

      K GB weird but beautiful, don’t wanna go through that again 😅

    • T DB
      T DB 2 साल पहले +14

      it was the best part, incredibly beautiful

  • Daniel Harrison
    Daniel Harrison 11 महीने पहले +1

    Damn this movie was amazing. And the soundtrack gave rise to great memes.

  • ༺V༻
    ༺V༻ 2 साल पहले +1

    the perfect way to wrap up 2020 can’t wait for it to happen

  • Rafael Capricho
    Rafael Capricho 4 साल पहले +12

    One of the most well done psychological movies I've seen to date! And that bear scene! :O

  • Allex Sanchez
    Allex Sanchez साल पहले +2

    It feel like made in abys.
    Disturbing yet beautiful.

  • Conflict Magazine
    Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले +1

    Excellent film...if you like films like Solaris, Stalker, Arrival, Moon, Upstream Color, The Colour out of Space (HP Lovecraft) then you will probably like this film.

  • M Brontë
    M Brontë 2 साल पहले +13

    This was a mutation of a masterpiece, I thought the director did a great job with this his interpretation.

  • Lazarus Thibodeaux
    Lazarus Thibodeaux साल पहले +104

    “We don’t know what happened to him”
    *proceeds to send people in without hazmat suits or any kind of protection aside from firearms*

    • Monetum 1
      Monetum 1 10 महीने पहले +1

      I've read the books, not saying this to brag, but to tell you it wouldn't have made a difference

    • Peter Ebbasta
      Peter Ebbasta साल पहले +4

      "Scientists" just went in without proper scientific equipment like idk... something to check if the air is polluted?
      Also at some point they find a memory card and one of them goes "i think i can read it"... come on my phone could probably read that.
      Apart from that, great film i think.

    • tigress_
      tigress_ साल पहले +4

      Yh that part disappointed me, Lena didn't even use gloves to examine stuff, no masks nothing

    • Vincent Valentin
      Vincent Valentin साल पहले +9

      except for the fact that they're not the first or even 2nd group to go into the shimmer.

  • Noone.
    Noone. 3 साल पहले

    Damn, this movie was one of the most fascinating i've ever seen, and also one of the most mysterious, how life began, and how everything is coming back to its origins, the ending left me absolutely stunned!! But i didn't understand so well if both characters were like new lifeforms, like they were reborn or else, any ideas?

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले +1

      I always put that up front for someone who is hasn't seen the film yet and is just reading the comments...I hate when people drop spoilers without warning and never wanna be that person (-:
      Hope that helped...

    • Noone.
      Noone. 3 साल पहले

      @Conflict Magazine I did watch the movie, really interesting!

    • Conflict Magazine
      Conflict Magazine 3 साल पहले +1

      I wrote this synopsis awhile back for other folks:
      PLEASE NOTE: These are not theories or opinions. The following is what is seen on the screen and heard in the dialogue of this film. None of this is derived from the novel (which is quite different) or personal interpretation.
      An alien life form falls to earth near a light house in Florida. Park rangers notice a shimmer effect coming from the light house and a warden goes in to investigate and never returns.
      That was three years ago…since then The Shimmer has grown in a circular pattern covering land and water and is set to engulf the world.
      Attempts have been made to approach by land and sea using drones, animals and teams of people but nothing comes back.
      Until now.
      A soldier from the last expedition has re-appeared acting strange and suffering from major organ failure.
      He shows up at his home where his wife has thought he was dead for a year and they are scooped up by men in black vans while he is being transported to a hospital.
      The wife wakes up in a facility and is greeted by a doctor who starts to question her. The wife had met her husband when they both were serving in the military and she had left the service to pursue a career in teaching about the life cycle of the cell. She is taken to see her husband who is there as well.
      They are now at a facility known as Area X that stands on the border of The Shimmer (the place that the husband had volunteered to go).
      The doctor explains to the wife the timeline of events, of teams going in never to return and the wife later learns that a final volunteer team has been formed from the facility of 4 women who are going into The Shimmer…the team leader is the doctor. The wife volunteers to go in as well (realizing that her husband had volunteered for a suicide mission after he found that the wife had been having an affair with a fellow professor) to search for a way to cure her husband.
      Once in The Shimmer all sense of earthly reality is lost. Time-space is altered and no type of signal enters or exits The Shimmer The alien is ‘refracting’ (think absorbing and reassembling everything it comes into contact with) everything from DNA to people’s thoughts, etc. The team discovers they are all being altered genetically while inside The Shimmer.
      A journey ensues trying to reach the light house and members of the team begin to be killed or disappear. The Shimmer has sampled as much as possible and finally two of the team members manage to make it to the light house.
      Dr. Ventress has been invaded by the alien but the alien literally burns itself out of her body once it realizes she has cancer which could destroy it.
      The other surviving member of the team (the one who is married to the soldier who made it out) finds a video recording of the scene where her husband is replaced by a ‘mirror’ or clone of himself. This is the version of the soldier who shows up at their home but as soon as he leaves The Shimmer he begins to die. The alien realizes that it cannot simply duplicate a human and send it out of The Shimmer or it will die even though it has discovered that humans are the apex predator on the planet and are the way for it to embed itself permanently on Earth.
      It begins the process of creating a new mirror of the last team member but realizes that what needs to leave The Shimmer is the original of the team member because she is already a hybrid human/alien.
      Allowing the original to destroy the ‘mirror’ and subsequently The Shimmer the hybrid now makes its way back to the Area X base and as it approaches the husband ‘mirror’ begins to recover (as the alien / The Shimmer gets closer, now contained within the wife) until it fully recovers.
      The end of the film shows them embrace, both exhibiting The Shimmer in their eyes thus confirming that the alien has won and found a way to now complete its conversion of Earth into a living space for itself.

  • Jayden Rule
    Jayden Rule साल पहले +4

    The soundtrack of this movie is amazing on its own.

  • Victor1338
    Victor1338 3 साल पहले +996

    This film looks like a strange dream.

    • Pucho Pucho
      Pucho Pucho साल पहले

      @Porras The Great LMAO

    • Porras The Great
      Porras The Great साल पहले +1

      @Pucho Pucho "Not always"*
      It was beautiful but only sometimes lol. Your mistaken quote would drastically change the entire book/movie 😅

    • Victor1338
      Victor1338 2 साल पहले +1

      @Bahaa R I know the feeling

    • Tigas
      Tigas 2 साल पहले +7

      it looks like an acid trip

    • Evi Min
      Evi Min 2 साल पहले +2

      @Bahaa R I have weird dreams like films too..

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin 24 दिन पहले

    Glad I watched this at home because there's no way I'd be able to sleep after the soundtrack and the bear scene at night or at the movies, I don't get easily scared and this movie got me.

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 2 साल पहले +5

    The cast of this film is underrated.

  • vinay vk
    vinay vk साल पहले

    Literally the best sci-fi movie ever on cancer.
    The fact is its not a sci-fi. Its sci-fi horror.

  • Tobias4fion Lau
    Tobias4fion Lau 3 साल पहले +4

    One of my favorites of the decade.

  • Christian Renken
    Christian Renken 2 साल पहले +10

    This is somehow the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen, I swear as soon as I saw the bear my heart skipped a beat 💀

    • CaptnButtonSmash
      CaptnButtonSmash 2 साल पहले

      I put my fingers in my ears when I heard the scream.

    • folladordeprostis
      folladordeprostis 2 साल पहले

      kind of remind me the mist from 2007-2008