her dad (the inventor of toaster strudel) would like a word

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  • Warren L.
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    God... she used to be so 🔥 back in the day. Now she's pretty, but damn... (what's her name from the Dr.Strange films) when shenwas in the 18-23 age. 😂 My ex back in the day dragged me to see this when it was in theaters. I thought it was actually pretty funny. Decent comedy. (She wanted to drag me out after 45 mins of the movie every other scene started, she benefited) 🤣

    The OUTLAW KING 21 दिन पहले +5

    Gretchen is SO FINE!!!

  • Kamithepinkengine emilyyesstrawberryshortcakeno🚂

    Make a new movie about a girl who is insane

  • Mubashar
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